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Sunday, 16 December 2007

There’s a cold wind blowing

Yesterday and today the weather has turned decidedly chilly with a stiff easterly breeze sweeping the country. Yesterday we had a quick look around our plot in Arcola, but with the east facing aspect, we nearly got blown off. All this concentrated our minds on gathering more wood at George’s plot in Villa. So we went today and saw the first snow flakes of the year. It’s always 2 or 3 degrees colder out there. However most of the time it was bright and we had a nice fire going and we brought a flask of soup. As you can see we filled the car up with wood and the cottage has another large pile inside. We have now nearly cut down the little wood outside the house. Next we are going to have to prune the vines and clear another jungle to the right of the entrance.

Mind you we have been having to dodge the bullets and fight off the dogs of the wild boar hunters up there too. It was only due to Susan wearing red and stoking a fire and me handling a noisy chainsaw, that we weren’t mistaken for wild boar!

We took our baskets filled with goodies to our neighbours this evening. They were quite impressed by the basket weaving and asked incredulously whether we really made those ourselves. They were just being nice to us I think. For anyone reading this living nearby, Mauro and his Tandarandan are playing live coming Friday the 21st at Pegaso Music Club in Arcola and Marco and his Tullamores are playing Irish music at the same venue on Sunday the 4th January. For more on Pegaso check out http://www.pegasolive.it/.

Oh and ps: No one entered the ugly basket competition, so I knooowww, say no more. I know when I'm not loved. Nobody wants my baskets. Pah! We'll just give them all to our unsuspecting neighbours who feel obliged to be polite about them. There!

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