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Friday, 7 December 2007

The Great Ugly Basket Competition

Here it is! The great ugly basket competition! No, not ugly bastard… Who said that? Now which of the above baskets is the ugliest? Is it
A) top left
B) top right
C) bottom left
D) bottom right

A basket will be made (none of the above!) for one (un)lucky winner, which will be drawn at random amongst all participants in the survey. As a hint, 2 of them were made entirely by myself, one entirely by Susan and one was a joint effort, so there is pride at stake! Please let us know before Saturday the 15th December.

Finally my tip of the day, a new and irregular feature on these pages. Today’s tip concerns cooking with chillies and has two parts to it.
1) During the winter it’s a good idea to add plenty of chillies to any dish, you will save a fortune in heating bills
2) When cooking with chillies, forget about washing your hands beforehand, wash them afterwards! Should you not wash them afterwards, at least make sure you do not pick your nose, rub your eyes or touch any other sensitive body parts (I leave that one to your imagination…).

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