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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Summer Follies

Now those with a delicate disposition should look away now!!! This entry contains a nude photo... Lock your children away! Well... our friends James and Alison seem to have passed on their rain jinx on to Susan's brother. The latter had showers for the whole of his weeks stay. The day after James and Alison arrived and summer seems to have come with them with humid 35 degrees. Susan's old schoolfriend Barbara is also over with her twins. We had them over for BBQ at our land yesterday (after I did apply the strimmer to a few terraces) and went to the beach afterwards for our first swim of the year. The temperature of the water was still refreshingly cool. Today we went over to Villa to fight the jungle with the strimmer again. I attacked to terraces and freed the newly planted vines from the encroaching shrubbery. All but one of the vines are alive and well and we need to go over in the next few days to build a support for them as they are stretching their tentacles heavenwards. After a few hours with the strimmer in still damp greenery I was covered head to toe in green. I reckon the legendary Green Man of British mythology was just strimming his weeds! Well to clean myself up again I dived in the altogether into the icy waters of the stream. Brrrrrh. Susan was under strict instructions not to take a full frontal of me though... Hope you're all not too shocked. It may in fact all of sudden increase the visitors to my pages...

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