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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Series uses for bamboo, no. 2,103 and 3,180 of 10, 984

Above you see two of the many uses for bamboo, another new series on these pages. On top the leaves are used as mulch to suppress weeds between future rows of broad beans, and below Susan is constructing an extension to the framework of our compost heap. Maybe I shall try to make at least a prototype of use 525, the chicken coop, while the mountains of bamboo left is still green and pliable. See what the next days are going to bring.

The bottom picture features me 6 feet above the ground inside an olive tree, trying to cut out some dead bits. Susan gave me – hmmm how do you say this in English, a Räuberleiter, a “thieve’s ladder” – to reach the lower branches. There I had quite a secure foothold. We’re making some real progress in tidying up our orto. This is about the first time in 2 ½ years that we can see al the way from the top to the bottom! We transplanted a couple more bay trees, one into a pot to take home. As with all herbs, it is always useful to have some around the house. There is nothing more annoying to find in the middle of cooking that you are missing a herb. Luckily many of the most common herbs I can find growing wild not too far from our house. Within 10 minutes walk I can find, depending on the time of year, rosemary, sage, mint, lemon balm, thyme, oregano, marjoram, borage, salad burnet, curry plant and wild fennel free for the picking and I’ve probably forgotten a few. Why people go out to shops to buy these herbs around here is beyond me.

Yes on the middle picture you see Susan in a t-shirt and the photo was taken today. However, they did threaten cold weather in the next few days. It is to stay dry though, snow only in the mountains.

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