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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Advent Baking

The weather outside is still miserable, but today is the first Sunday in Advent. That’s when the German in me is rearing it’s ugly head, or more precisely the Swabian. My mother comes from that part of Germany and every year at this time she got busy baking masses of biscuits for Christmas. Of course I was always the first to volunteer to help, as I would therefore would also become the first one to taste. My Mum would go to great lengths in hiding the filled tins of biscuits around the house, so me and my brother wouldn’t eat them all before Christmas had actually arrived. Sometimes the biscuits were so well hidden, that we didn’t find them again until Easter, when we were hunting for Easter eggs. Luckily these biscuits do last this long and they made a nice Easter surprise. Today’s batch consisted of “Cinnamon Stars” and “S” (top picture) and Swiss “Leckerli” chocolate biscuits (bottom). Recipes available on request.

And what could be better on a dark December day than lighting a fire, heating up the oven and spreading the smell of fresh baking through the house.

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