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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Kaki Chutney

Susan’s been digging today. You should see her muscles… and weeding the carrot bed, whilst I was fighting through the jungle that is our lowest terrace, beating down brambles and freeing a plum tree from ivy and over-enthusiastic vines. Amongst them I found a wild bay tree with lovely aromatic leaves. I dug it up and transplanted it to a less wild spot. Also transplanted a few sprouts, which are looking healthy and well. The sun was out all day, but it is getting noticeably fresher. Especially since our plot in Arcola is east facing and sun disappears behind the hill by 3 pm.

I picked a few more ripe looking kaki and had a brainwave. They look a little like mango, how about turning them to chutney? So I did. So if you ever find yourself with some spare kaki, this is what you do: to 1 kg of kaki, peeled and chopped, add 350g brown sugar, 250 ml white wine vinegar, 2 tsp of dried ginger and 2 bay leaves. Bring to the boil and simmer for 45-60 minutes until cooked to a pulp and quite thick and jam-like. Pot in hot jars, seal and store. I am going to call it “I can’t believe it’s not Mango Chutney” Chutney. Could anybody coming to visit us from the UK bring some Popadoms with them the next time?


birbella said...

Dear Heiko and Susan,

it has been quite a long time since we planned to have an aperitivo in Sarzana together.
Things have been quite crazy mostly before my husband's crazy working hours which hardly left us 5 minutes together during the last 4 years. In anyway (interesting blog yours!!) I would like to start the "project" again.
Maybe we might arrange again for a meet-up before or after christmas?
Melanie + Alessandro

Rowena... said...

Fabulous idea...I will have to try this!