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Monday, 26 April 2010

spring sowing take 3 1/2

Finally the best news this week: a parcel from GetSoiled in Florida (http://www.getsoilednow.com/) full of seed has finally, after being thoroughly searched by customs, arrived. Thank you once again! What a wonderful selection of interesting things! So, still being in the waxing moon phase, I got a whole load sown out this week. Here is whar I've sown:

  • Pidgeon peas & lima beans " Jackson Wonder butter bean". T11 next to the slenderette beans
  • Golden Zucchini T13&14
  • Amaranth "Red Stripe Leaf" (T13 rear bed). This is something I've only just heard about and sounds fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing this grow and finally tasting it.
  • Giant Red Celery (T13 rear bed)
  • Crisp Mint Lettuce (T13 rear bed)
  • Thai Oak Leaf Lettuce (T13 rear bed)
  • Orient Red Curl Lettuce (T13 rear bed)
  • Orach "Magenta Magic"(T4 1/2 pot, T5 pot, T8 outside pot & T 9 1/2 middle pot) This is a completely new one to me. Apparently it's also known as German Mountain Spinach. I was brought up in Germany, but never heard of it, but then again I was in the flat north... It is said to make a good container plant, so I planted them in various pots dotted about and see what happens.
  • Florida Cranberry (T2 tyres, T 4 1/2 front tyre T6 tyre). This is supposed to be a tall plant in the hibiscus family. You make a juice out of the flower bases in autumn which is said to taste a little like cranberry, hence the name. I gave it spaces in some old car tyres filled with compost to keep them a way from other crops.
  • New Zealand spinach (Together with Florida Cranberries in tyres, T5, old watering can, T8 Middle & inside pot, T 9 1/2 tyre and T 10 amongst the strawberries). Another spinach look-alike not minding hot weather so much. It makes for a good ground cover apparently
In the cold frame
  • Sweet peppers "Marconi", "Sweet Chocolate", "Perfection". My main peppers haven't shown this year. It may be a tad on the late side, but I think it'll just be ok. The chillies I had sown are ok though.
  • Pepino Solanum muricatum. Another complete novelty to me. It seems to be quite closely related to aubergines, but the fruit is a bit smaller and is sweet, to be eaten raw.
This is going to be a really exciting year for new things! Many of Mr. H.'s tomatoes are already showing and things are generally growing at a rate of knots!


Spider said...

I can't wait to see how they do for you.

Heiko said...

You and me both, Spider. Welcome to my blog.

Mr. H. said...

I bet you are so busy and tired from running up and down from terrace to terrace...did you ever get those hoses fixed?

You will have such an interesting garden this year, I can't wait to see how everything does/grows. I have got to try planting some of that orach one of these years, we talk about it but I always forget to try it...I'll have to live vicariously through yours I guess.:)

Heiko said...

Mr.H, I'm just learning so many new things this year. I bet I'll have plants springing up somewhere and I won't for the life of me remember what they are and what to do with them. and yes, we did invest in a new hose after the watering can sprang a leak too (it's now been filled with compost to host some New Zealand spinach). It's a 50 metre hose and I'm having a hard time not to get it tangled.

GetSoiled said...

Yo! Heiko! Really, seriously, utterly seriously: stop, STOP, STOP thanking me! Or I'll take it all back! Darn man.

I saw your comment in Mr. H's blog (nosy, no?) about being busy researching what the stuff I sent you was. That was poor form on my part, so sorry, I was in such a rush prepping parcels for like 5 people in different corners of the world that I thought "if I am going to do anything other than label these seeds I won't get them mailed for another month." So I went for the old just labeling method. Truly I cannot recall what I sent you so sorry, if you want just FaceBook your questions and I'll tell you more about any of what I mailed you. Sorry again for not having included directions and such...

I'll check FB later. Hugs & cheers for you and your lovely lady!

Heiko said...

Thank you GS, that I can stop thanking you ;). No don't worry about not adding any directions, the research is half the fun. I will have a couple of questions, but for the minute I just put most in the ground and see what happens. I'll add some water now and again too, you know, just to encourage them a bit, it might help.

WeekendFarmer said...

You will LOVE Amarnath. They are tasty!

Pic of the garden please : ). Sounds exciting!

Laura said...

New seeds are always exciting! :) I was wondering if it would indeed be possible to order some from the US, so good to know they made it through customs!

Kate said...

Hooray you've got amaranth at last Heiko! Good luck with it and with all those little treasures.