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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A big thank you and the kitten VIDEO of the week

Here comes my second post of the day. First of all I want to say a very big thank you to the following people for sending me seeds: Beck of http://greenspain.blogspot.com/, who sent me some tomato seeds a while back, Angelika, who sent me some Jimi Hendriks ("Purple Haze") carrot and some sunflower seeds, Mr. H of http://subsistencepatternfoodgarden.blogspot.com/, who sent me more seeds than I know what to do with including some exotics like tomatillos, litchi Tomatoes and a rainbow of carrots, plus a useful mushroom picking guide and some gardener's handcreme, and finally Get Soiled of http://www.getsoilednow.com/, who also sent me some seeds, but which seem to have got lost somewhere in mid-Atlantic. I'm still hopeful that my postman will eventually deliver them.

I don't know how I deserve such lovely friends from all over the world. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Before today's new moon I wanted to get some of the carrot seeds into the ground. So I sowed the following varieties: Purple Haze, Purple Dragon, Solar Yellow, Atomic Red and Belgian White. Some of them I put into the cold frame, which I now leave open. This is because this is where I have my deepest, richest soil. I can't wait to get to try all these varieties.

Finally for today here comes instead of the kitten photo of the week the kitten video of the week! They are starting to taken an interest in their environment now. Occasionally they even crawl over the edge of their basket. Enjoy!


Mr. H. said...

Ha! I loved the video, you really must do more some time.:) Enjoy the seeds but don't curse me too much when you try to harvest your litchi tomatos, they are kind of a forbidden fruit.:)

Heiko said...

You keep telling me these ominous things about lichi tomatoes. I must give them into the Susan's personal care... :)

Ayak said...

The kittens are adorable Heiko...have you settled on all their names now?

Heiko said...

Yeah, we're sticking to the footballer's names. If anyone takes them off our hands, they can re-name them if they want.

GetSoiled said...

Hey you Hombre del Vino!

Sent you a msg via FaceBook...hope you got it by now...ugh, stoopid mail office!

So I don't deserve to be on the Gracias List. But thanks for the undeserved thanks anyhow.

Hope you are well and all is growing and blooming and fruiting like crazy on your neck of the woods.

Stefaneener said...

They are very cute. Email me and I'll get tat soi and kale seeds out to you for the fall.

Heiko said...

Get Soiled, yep everything is growing like crazy... especially the weeds.

Stefanie, thanks for the offer. Kale was in Mr.H's pack as well as having local cavolo nero, but might take you up on the tat soi. I shall re-double my efforts this year in saving my own seeds, so I can return the favours to all you lovely people.

(...and yes I include you GetSoiled in the phrase lovely people even if you don't like it :-))

Angela said...

Thanks for showing up again, Heiko. I missed you! What an interesting history you have. Ein Rheinschiffer! Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten... Meine Tochter wohnt auch am Rhein, in Bonn.
Oh, and I like your kittens. Sweet! I also planted carrots and salad and Radieschen today. But it is still a bit too cold.

Heiko said...

Hi Angela,

yes I've been a bit busy of late. My grandfather's story is quite fascinating. During the war he moved the entire family to Germany, so he wasn't in occupied Holland, but in Germany which had a lack of men (all away in the war). So he managed to get his family through the war quite well being right on the surply line too.

Angela said...

What a clever grandfather! Did you inherit that? Well, you must have, being a survivor with no cash!
And you learned to speak German, das ist doch toll. Ich bin im Moment auch richtig fleißig und hab eigentlich gar keine Zeit zum Bloggen. Aber ich will in deinem "Circle of Friends" bleiben!!