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Monday, 26 April 2010

kittens at 4 1/2 weeks

As we came home quite late last night from the festa, I noticed a small object outside our kitchen door. At first I assumed it was a dead mouse delivered by one of our feline friends. On closer inspection it turned out to be a newly born kitten.

We assumed it was one of Senna's, Rooney's sister. As a quick explanation, when Senna and Rooney arrived at our house with their mother, Rooney took to us imediately, while Senna wouldn't let us touch her and ran a mile every time we tried. Hence the name Senna. We feared she might be pregnant too, but what could we do?

So I found this tiny kitten, thinking at first it was dead. But as I picked it up, it moved and squeeked weakly. It was very cold, so I warmed it in my hand for an hour or so, trying to find it's Mummy, but no chance in the dark. I thought It won't make it through the night, so I tried feeding it some watered down milk through a syringe. It didn't like that much, but when I soaked a corner of my shirt with milk, it sucked it dry.

Still, what to do with this kitten? So I decided I'll slip it in with the others, while Rooney was feeding them. And hey presto! Aunty Rooney has adopted her little nephew / niece, and the other, bigger cousins don't seem to mind either. Especcially Cruyff, the ginger one has taken to looking after her wee cousin.

And then this morning, we found Senna just outside the door on a chair with a blanket over it and 4 further kittens. Heeeellllp!!!


jann said...

Oh, my goodness. How can anyone resist these adorable things???? What a story. How sweet about that Auntie took in the new baby!!!! I hope you soon find new homes for everyone.

Mr. H. said...

You are going to have some serious problems with all of those cats my friend.:) I wish you lots of luck as you might need it. Loved the video. Do you think perhaps someone dropped that cat off for you to find?