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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Just a few photos...

The first frsh raddishes of the spring.

After the almond, the plum and the peach trees it's the turn of the pear trees to flower.

All sorts of surprises spring from my compost heap every year. This one I think is an almond sapling, which I transplanted.

And talking of spontaneous volunteers, I spotted a radicchio which has sown itself out amongst the weeds.

And finally... the kitten photos of the week... aaaahhhhh... The kittens at one week old.


Ayak said...

Lovely photos Heiko. The kittens are looking very healthy. Any luck on the petrol for the car yet?

Stefaneener said...

Those kittens are pretty cute! I like compost volunteers usually. They're fun, little garden surprises. Good luck with your almond seedling.

Heiko said...

Thanks Ayak, Not yet. Something will turn up next week... I hope.

Stefanie, I like compost volunteers too. I usually get a dozen each tomatoes of different varieties and melons.

Mr. H. said...

Nice radishes.

What could be better than volunteer radicchio.

Adorable, happy little kittens.

You, my friend, are a very lucky fellow.:)

Jan said...

Lovely piccies, and the radishes look good too. We don't do very well with them, they've often got black marks going through them.