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Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Sun's back!

What a contrast! After yesterday’s weather we were expecting Noah’s Ark to float by any minute, and today… Beautiful sunshine, calm as you like. So we had quite an active one. Went out to Arcola, doing some weeding, sowing peas and rocket and picking some more willow to finish the basket, some rocket for dinner and the last of the kaki to experiment a bit further with my country wine making. This year, or should I say season, we actually managed to get the kaki all ripe, without losing too much to rot. And above you can see my foot treating the kaki to the traditional ‘méthode à pied’. Now I don’t want any smart remarks about cheesy notes with fungal hints in the wine!

With the willow I finished my log basket. I still have to practice doing handles, but it seems sturdy enough. The trouble of course compared to the plastic basket is, that this basket has a fair weight by itself, but it should last a while. I’m very proud of it anyway. Once you get the hang of it it’s not that difficult, it’s getting it started is the tricky bit.

We also sowed some seeds indoors, namely aubergines, peppers, chillies, cucumbers and melons. For dinner we had pasta with rocket pasta, one of my really simple and cheap recipes. Just chop a handful of rocket finely and mix it together with ricotta, olive oil, the juice and zest of a lemon, some grated parmesan and some pepper and mix it all together with the cooked pasta. Takes all of 5 minutes and is delicious!

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