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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

More Rain...

Well, I’m sure if you live on top of a mountain like us, you shouldn’t have any rivers flowing past your front door, but there are now a number of rivulets flowing through the village. And I’m sure I’ve heard some hammering from nearby and a suspicious number of animals in pairs going towards that noise… So much for the sunshine being back, it lasted all of one day. And the really bad news is that our friends Alison and James are coming over from Northampton in a couple of weeks and they always seem to bring some English weather with them!

Yesterday I spotted a well-priced almond tree in the supermarket, something I was looking for all last winter. So of course I bought it and today, despite the rain we went out to Arcola to plant it. At least we didn’t have to worry about watering it after planting. We also went out to Villa to pick up some wood. By that time the rain came down in sheets! Allegedly it’s going to get better tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it! Tomorrow we will also return to school. The free Italian lessons in Sarzana are starting. See how that goes…

Anyway, other than that I baked a cake yesterday, Susan’s Cantucci were too delicious to last long, and today I decanted the kaki wine off it’s skins. Above you can see our micro-winery. Everything bubbling away merrily.

One other thing: many years ago I bumped into a traveling busker in Germany. He didn’t carry much with him on his travels, a guitar, a sleeping bag, a change of clothing and one book. He said, once he finished reading this book, he’d swap it for a new one with someone he’d meet on his travels. Something that person had read recently and really liked. That way he’d only ever own one book, but a book that meant something to someone he had met. Now I liked that idea, not being encumbered with a small library, but always having something new to read.

As you may have noticed with my recent Terry Pratchett quotes, I am reading through his back catalogue again as I have no new reading material. My Italian isn’t good enough yet to read a serious book, so I have a shortage of new books. On the other hand I don’t really have any shelf space for new books either, so here comes the proposal: would anyone of you like to swap books with me? They may be in English, German or even Dutch (although in Dutch I haven’t got much to swap back). Please, please let me know. It should be something you’ve enjoyed recently and I’ll give you something that I’ve read (not Terry Pratchett (unless you want to)). I’m expecting a flood of responses!

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