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Thursday, 24 January 2008

io mangio, io bevo...

Io Mangio
Io bevo
Io amo

Tutto il resto è noia
(I eat, I drink, I love… all the rest is a drag.)

That’s the motto of our favourite bar in Sarzana, the Bar Massimo. Great place in the historical centre of Sarzana, where you can eat a light lunch, or have a relaxing drink, sit outside in the summer (or even on mild winter days), have a chat with Massimo or Manu, who run this place and all this to some very good background music. We went there yesterday after Susan’s first Italian lesson for a lunch treat. We had some of Manu’s Mum’s aubergine bake. Sue’s beginner’s class is a 3 ½ hour marathon and she was understandably exhausted. The participants in her course consist of some Moroccans, Chinese, a Nigerian, an American lady and a Polish lady. One of the Chinese couldn’t even read the Latin alphabet! So Susan felt quite good having an advantage over some of her fellow students.

While she was having her lesson, I went into the tax office to get the forms for her VAT registration. We’ll get them back to them tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t take too long and they won’t want too many other documents. The weather is getting positively spring-like, with just a hint of chill still in the air. So today we went off to George’s land in Villa and were working hard for some 5 hours. I cut down some more trees and started clearing the thicket on the other side of the gate. Susan helped with that as well as burning the cuttings. The actual cutting down of the trees doesn’t actually take that long, it’s the cutting them into logs for our fireplace that takes up the time. And every now and then the chainsaw decides it has had enough and stops and won’t restart for a while. It appears to have a will of it’s own.

It’s beautiful out there on a sunny day. It is sooooo peaceful and quiet with just the rushing of the river audible. The water there is so clear that we drink it straight out of the river. We were working so hard, that I didn’t get around taking any pics today, so above “the amusingly shaped vegetable of the week” photo.

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