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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Farmer Heiko on Food terror

And because it was so much fun, here the second instalment of Farmer Heiko's adventures.  Excuse the difficult to understand accent of Conspiracy Cousin, he's foreign.


GetSoiled said...

Hi Farmer Heiko:)

I've intently watched all of your catoons on FaceBook and I cracked up each time. Unfortunately, I have a computer that must have been built right when WWI was about to end and each time I tried to comment on it the darn thing froze, like a naked Hawaiian in Siberia (in winter).

Anyhow, missed coming by and visiting and also just saw what an almost miraclous (sp?) recovery you guys have managed to shape in your terraces! Food looks healthy and yummy and still jealous that things I have trouble growing here (and love to eat) like asparagus and now lovage (!!) you get growing wild around your part of town. Ah-mazing!

Heiko said...

Thanks Get Soiled, It was all hard work with the able help of Conspiracy Cousin (also known as cousin Bart). I now can't get rid of the image of that freezing naked Hawaiian in Siberia. I wish I could create a character on my cartoons for that!