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Friday, 17 June 2011

Courgettes, corn, curcubita and clouds

Just a quick update on the garden.  I was a way for a week during which we had some much needed rain.  Now back we're hard at work again.  Tomorrow we'll be getting the caravan, more pictures of that then.  In the meantime veg production really kick started.

We have courgettes:

...and courgettes:

...and some.... courgettes:

The Greek corn is really thriving in our conditions.  Much better than what I have sown a couple of terraces higher up.

One of the 'tipis' of Buenos Aires beans is growing upwards rapidly, whilst the other one right next door misteriously died en-masse:

...and this giant cucubita, presumably some kind of pumpkin, sprung spontaneously from where the compost heap was last year.

and for the final 'C' a sunset from the other day when we had a full eclipse of the moon.  As the picture of a dark moon in the dark sky was a tad boring I'll show you one in the other direction with a pretty cloud. :)


chaiselongue1 said...

All your 'c's look great, especially that huge surprise one on the compost heap! I'm growing the same Greek corn and it's doing really well here too.

I've changed my blog to wordpress:
http://olivesandartichokes.wordpress.com/ - same blog, slightly different address.

Mr. H. said...

I'm so happy to see that you are having a good year in the garden, those courgette plants look quite impressive...tall as you. I like seeing your bean trellis all filled out. We are struggling with our beans this year...too cold and damp. Can't wait to see your Greek corn, glad I am not trying to grow any this year. I'll just have to live vicariously through you on that one.

Guess what! I saved my pennies and have ordered two Garnet Autumn Olive trees that are hardy enough to handle our conditions ...they should arrive any day now.:) Thanks for bringing this bush to my attention.

WeekendFarmer said...

wow! What huge leaves from the 'pumpkin' plant on the compost pile. If its a gourd, you can suate it with garlic in olive oil...its delicious! Congrats on the tipi!

Heiko said...

Hi CL, You've some seeds from Gaia too! Thanks for the new web-adress. I've been a bit busy recently and hadn't noticed the change.

Mr.H, I sure you'll love that autumn olive. It should do well with you and the berries are very tasty indeed, not to mention healthy!

Weekend Farmer. I'm really not sure what this is. Nothing I grew last year grew to this sort of size. It's about to open it's first flowers, so we shall see soon...

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Great alternative moon shot and we are also enjoying a great courgette harvest.