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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I'm Back!

This time I’ve had several complaints about not publishing any news! Well, sorry about that, there were 2 reasons for that. First I was travelling a bit, to my brother’s birthday in Germany as I had already mentioned, but I also had some business in London to attend to. The second reason is that the weather until today had been absolutely atrocious! Rain, wind and cold for the last 2 weeks. Today finally the weather broke, the sun’s back and temperatures are up. So finally we got some work done again today. With all that rain the weeds were starting to take over again so we attended to them. A lot of the fruit trees are bursting into flower especially the peaches, apricots and plums, but also many wild flowers are popping their heads out. Isn’t it a beautiful time of year?

The party at my brother’s was great fun. He insisted on having a garden party on the 1st March in Northern Germany. Of course we had gale force winds and horizontal rain. Luckily there was plenty of whisky to keep us warm and a Scottish piper made us dance some reels while his fingers nearly fell off with frostbite.

Today, as we drove back from Arcola, we saw a lady from our village standing at the bottom of our hill waiting for a bus. So we gave her a lift up. It turned out she is the sister of our good friend Carlo. As a thank you she invited us in for a ‘coffee’. The coffee became a small meal involving some of her own red wine, her home baked bread with her own olive oil, artichoke pie and potato and leek pie. Than she filled a bag with some spare vegetables, including some potatoes, a lettuce and courgettes. I don’t know where she gets courgettes from at this time of year. The ones I sowed indoors haven’t even started growing yet.

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