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Sunday, 16 March 2008

End of week update

Winter and spring seem to have a bit of a battle over us at the moment. On Wednesday the weather turned windy and cold again. Thursday Susan donned her shorts for the first time this year. Friday was a bit mixed, cloudy and cool, but we sowed out peas, savoury, carrots, chervil, lettuces and raddishes. Saturday we went with Marco and Susanna to their house in Vecchietto and had lunch with them there. The weather there was grey and threatening, but it only rained in the morning. Today it was windy and cool again with rain on and off. Tomorrow it's supposed to get better again and we hope so, as we want to buy vines tomorrow to plant over at Villa.

Now we have seen the little house out in Vecchietto I'd like to advertise it here. It's a cosy little place in a very quite village. So if it's quite you're looking for and good value, the place is for hire. Just drop us a note for more info.

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