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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Did the Earth Move for You?

Well, with Susan being back at work I had a bit of a lazy start this morning, reading up in bed. Then suddenly at about 10.19 and 31 seconds the bed rattled under me. Susan in the meantime was in the middle of a class and got evacuated out of the building. An earthquake of the magnitude 4.1 on the Richter scale had struck the hills above La Spezia. Haven’t heard anything about any damage though, but for those interested there is a link to all seismic activity in Italy and this quake in particular: http://cnt.rm.ingv.it/~earthquake/data_id/2201087190/event.php. They publish a regular map of earthquakes during the last 90 days and it’s quite an eye opener how many of them there actually are. Today’s was the largest of the last month and a half though and most go completely unnoticed.

We’ve got over Easter with the unsettled weather continuing. Saturday and Sunday night we had bad storms, which cut our phone line off for 24 hours, led to temporary power cuts and one particular lightning burned out our neighbour’s computer. Easter Monday we had Cath and David from Leeds for lunch. They have bought a wee house up in the Lunigiana last year. We’ve got to know them via the forum of Italy Magazine: http://www.italymag.co.uk/forums/. The Swabian in me, that comes out during the pre-Christmas period in my baking biscuits, also makes an appearance just before Easter. The Swabians are quite a religious lot, observing the lent strictly, by not eating meat. However, by the Thursday before Easter they get a bit desperate, so they have invented their own type of meat-filled ravioli, so that the dear Lord doesn’t see they’re actually eating meat. Since I didn’t stick to lent anyway, I decided to make these ‘Maultaschen’ as they are known, when the visitors came. And I thinks they quite liked them.

Hopefully by the weekend the weather will settle down a bit, as we are about to invest into a motor driven plough and plant potatoes in Villa then.

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