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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Running behind...

Just a quick sign of life. As I go along doing the things I do, I keep composing blog entries in my head, buth than something else crops up. For instance I was gong to follow my breakfast and lunch entries with a dinner entry, but not before I told you how I made my sandwich fillings, i.e. my bean and olive paté and my hazelnut butter. As I considered that I thought I should make the hazelnut my wildfood of the month, because we've been picking and using lots lately, but than we started experimenting with the berries of the hawthorn, making haw-chup, haw-ffee and haw bread.

Next I get told off by one of my regular readers who is waiting in suspense for the results of the lentil experiment and whether they are worth growing. Next the main apple harvest gets under way and I need to make cider. Not to mention that I haven't made any tomato chutney yet! I just keep running behind schedule.

I envy people like Stefani of http://siciliansistersgrow.blogspot.com/ who is so organised that she keeps a running weight total of her harvest and knows a month in advance that she is going to visit me. I now know what I will be doing in a month's time though :). The other thing I cannot get properly sorted is this seeds saving thing. I had a whole bunch of seeds from my white cabbage, cavolo nero and broccoli ready at the same time. I put them in separate containers, but did I label them? Have I got the faintest clue which one is which??? It'll be some surprise sowing with that lot.

Anyway, any of the above subjects will be dealt with asap, and keep nagging me if I don't. See you in a couple of days.


jann said...

Very funny. I think most of us can relate to this running-behind feeling. Nice to know we're not alone.

Angela said...

I LIKE people who are not too organized. And your blog is nice the way it is.
Why should you know in advance what will come out of your seeds? It is much more fun this way.
Cheers und viele Grüße von hier!

Angela said...
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Kate said...

I compose blog things in my head too and get all enthusiastic about them out in the garden and then I come inside and you know the rest of the story as it is the same as yours! I have little heading written, weird photos taken and sometimes a link to something I intend to write later....oh well.... such is life.

Ayak said...

And I'm running behind with reading and commenting on blogs. Sometimes there's too much going on!