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Friday, 24 September 2010


After the breakfast and lunch posts here a dinner we've had today. Ok, it's not quite typical. We called it our harvest dinner. Dinner is our main meal of the day and today we celebrated a plentyful apple harvest we brought in day before yesterday. Yesterday we turned half of it into cider, more of which soon, and today I spent half the day cooking and unsurprisingly apples featured prominently.

In general I try to make 2 courses, but tonight it was 3, just for the 2 of us. We started with a Sardinian wild fennel and chickpea soup,

followed by coriander and hazelnut potato pancakes with apple and ricotta sauce. Ok it doesn't look pretty, but it sure was wholesome!

And finally an apple and walnut cake.

I'm working on a wee frugal and wildfood musical cook book which will be available an e-form. All recipes will feature. I'll keep you posted.


chaiselongue said...

That does all look delicious, especially the soup. There's lots of wild fennel here too - it's a great free food! I'm looking forward to hearing about how the cider-making goes.

Jan said...

That cake looks great! I'm afraid we're usually a one course household (I'm lazy) so we're way behind the locals!

Mr. H. said...

It does all look very good. I would love to try those pancakes, such unusual ingredients. I love how you are able to incorporate so many wild edibles, nuts, and fruits into your meals...so healthy. I think it is really neat that you are putting together a cookbook.

You don't eat a lot of meat do you, it is much the same for us. Your diet today must be much different than the one you had while living in Germany and the UK, yes?

That cake really looks tasty.:)

Ayak said...

Oh! And there was I mentioning you producing a book in my comment on a previous post...before I got round to reading this one. Looking forward to it!

Heiko said...

Mr.H, My diet certainly very different to how I grew up, but I was a vegetarian for the whole time I lived in England, I remnant of my time in India. I have started eating some meat again, mostly because I find I simply need it to keep doing what I do. I have no toruble getting a well balanced diet out of vegetarian ingredients. And yes the hazelnuts, walnuts and fennel were foraged. This is what has really changed. Rarely a day goes by on which we don't eat anything found for free. The health aspect is actually just a happy by-product.

Ayak, I'm planning to "sell" the book against payment of your choice, monetary or any other useful goods.

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the air. We had minestrone on Friday and I've got some chickpeas soaking for tomorrow's broth. Good luck with the e-book, and your cake looks divine :)

Heiko said...

Contadina, it's the autumn air... and the fact that there's plenty of wild fennel around at the moment!