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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Our New Winery

Well with the recently more bearable temperatures (it’s not cold by any means, don’t get me wrong!) we have again been very busy today. We went out early to George’s at Villa beating back the weeds on the lower terraces and around the newly planted grapevines with the strimmer. Susan in the meantime busied herself filing the door I very badly made for the house to make it fit it’s frame, watering the vines, freeing an apple tree from lianas (you know the sort of things Tarzan swings himself through the jungle on) and picking plums.

The door bit was quite important as we have a few days ago moved our new winery into there with all the equipment courtesy of Pam and John’s cantina. It’s not likely that anyone comes to our remote piece of land to nick a few bits of fairly old equipment, but the door and the window, which I also fitted are mainly to keep the wildlife out. We have already evicted a family of bats. As you can see we now have a crusher (background), a press, a corking machine and a few large demijohns. All of it needs a bit of cleaning up and maintenance of course, but hey it’s a start. Thank you very much Pam and John. Right, enough of the idle chat, now I have to turn some of those plums into plum jam.

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