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Saturday, 16 February 2008

A horse, a kingdom for a horse (and plough)

I thought we'll get some more work done, before I'm off to Germany with Stefano. Susan sowed some carrots, parsley and Swiss chard, whilst I dug a new bed for sowing & planting later. Hard work that with a spade. Dug over a large bed of about 6x2 metres. Wouldn't it be so much easier with a plough and horse. Mind you getting the horse down our steep terraces would be job in itself. I suppose I'd have to carry it...

Meanwhile the talk of the village is the early return of the swallows. Dario had spotted some and he had never seen them as early as that. And right enough, next day we had seen them too. This winter deserved it's title a bit more than last year, where it was cancelled completely, but whilst at least we had some rain, frost was rare. The weather has still been fine, although the nights are a bit chillier and there were some signs of ground frost at least the last few days. We could do with some rain again I think, now that we've sown out things. I'm going to have to get used to the cold of Germany again next week, brrr...

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