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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Bird Eviction

Yes, it was time again to evict several rare species of bird of paradise, which had started to build a nest on top of my head again in anticipation of spring and go and see Giorgia my hair dresser. Above you see the before and after pictures. The weather ever since James and Alison left has been uninterrupted, glorious sunshine. Unfortunately, we had to spend quite a bit of the time indoors to prepare the lessons for Susan, who is starting work tomorrow and prepare a business trip to Germany for me. I’ll be off on Sunday for a few days attempting to flog some grog as they say.

We did manage to get out for a few days to Arcola though. Uprooted more vines, clearing terraces and chopping down most of a large, though quite ill plum tree, thus destroying another bird habitat. The base is seeping gallons of sap and we’ve never managed to get any nice plums off it. It was just threatening to collapse on top of our already very rickety shed. The lowest picture shows you this shed. It could do with complete rebuilding. It’s being attacked by some mammoth shed-eating ivy. On the other hand it’s possibly the only thing still keeping it together. With the bad weather during the waning moon period, we never managed to complete all tasks on my list. This week includes a lot of sowing, both indoors and outdoors. I’m slowly running out of space to put more pots near our windows.

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