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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Of wild food and spring preparations

We've been having a little helper with us again, Addie from California, although we haven't quite agreed what we all call her so we don't confuse her with Eddie, the Beagle.  Here was one of those situations: "you talking to me or him?"

Addie has come here to learn more about wild foods, so we have been indulging in my favourite past time once again.  We've been eating wild asparagus 'til we were sick (literally in the case of Bart my cousin, who likes it so much here, we can't get rid of him any more...), we've made my Spring Tart, crystalised angelica stems, Everything we could find soup, gorse flower wine, wild salads, etc.  Everything really started growing now as the temperatures slowly creep up.  This week rain is threatening the bits we haven't secured yet, we'll still be busy with this for a while.

Of course we have been sowing the usual things inddors and outdoors, but I won't go into details.  Today we planted 2 new trees though, Franz, the Kaiser pear tree is to replace the pear tree which got washed down the hill by the landslides.  Unlike my other pear trees, this one is a late ripener.  We also planted a new olive tree, a 'Pendolino'.  I was going to christen it Edgar, after EdgarAllen Poe, because of the story The Pit and the Pendulum, but was outvoted by Addie, who wanted to name it after her best friend Bela.  So from now on it shall be introduced as "Bela, you can call him Edgar".

Addie refused to pose with him...

So far our latest update.  Adiie is out as we speak, hunting for some borage to make Ravioli al Boragine... Mmmh!


LindyLouMac said...

We have some pendolinos, I like them as because of the way they grow they are so much easier to harvest. Thank goodness spring is now so close.

sunflower said...

good to see you back!
I hope your parents are feeling better too

Angela said...

I like Addie and Eddie together, and I still still your idea so much of giving the trees names. Welcome, Bela aka Edgar! I don`t even know what Pendolinos are, but I will bow anyway.
Yes, and I also hope your parents are better.

chaiselongue said...

Good to meet Bela/Edgar. It's such a good time for wild food now - enjoy the Ravioli al boragine and make the most of your helper!

Mr. H. said...

So glad you were able to find another fruit tree..looks like a good one. And another helper, she certainly picked the right place to learn about wild edibles. Sounds like you will be very busy this year.