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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Musical Mangiando 2010

Just a few impressions of yesterdays fest in our village, the annual Musical Mangiando event, i.e. music and eating. You wander around the village and get various bits of food in various stands whilst being seranaded with some gentle music.

Food of course included THE speciality of our village, scherpada (on the left of the picture) as well as mussels, stuffed marinated or deep fried in batter, sausages and polenta, plenty cake, testaroli, a kind of pancake etc.

...and of course there was wine from local producer Zangani

...and a late concert in the courtyard of our house. Gives you a bit of an idea where we live too. There is really no option for us but to join into the festa as it happens literally in our backyard!

And finally... a beautiful ginger flower which has appeared on our window sill today. I stuck a bit of ginger root in a pot a couple of years ago and forgot completely about. I even planted some mint in the same pot. The two now happily co-exist now. Isn't it pretty though?


chaiselongue said...

MMMMM, music and eating, with wine too - sounds like a great idea for a festa! The food sounds wonderful and your courtyard looks a lovely setting for music.

Mr. H. said...

I enjoyed the music video, how very nice to have a band that plays so close to home. I want some scherpada, it looks so good. What is the food to the right of the scherpada?

Heiko said...

CL, it was a great festa. And the courtyard of our 300 year old house makes for a great setting.
Mr.H, scherpada is a vegetable tart made from a simple pastry of flour and water and a filling of Swiss chard, pumpkin and leek mixed with parmesan cheese and bread crumb. The other one is a torta salata, which a sort of simple quiche, just less rich. Again the pastry will be much simpler.

Ayak said...

Sounds wonderful Heiko...what can be better than music, food and wine?
That flower is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The ginger flower is beautiful but to my knowledge it is a variegated arum lily ps not edible.

Heiko said...

Thank you anonymous, but I did stick a piece of ginger root from the supermarket into the pot so am pretty sure that's what it is>