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Friday, 21 May 2010

Eddie the (B)eagle

Just a quick update after having been off-line due to yet another lightning strike left us phone and internet-less for a week. This tells you something of the continued bad weather last week, but just the last couple of days it's finally starting to feel like May, but more of that later (i.e. tomorrow or when I get a chance...)

I just wanted to introduce you to the latest addition to our family: Eddie the (B)eagle:

Named after another sporting legend, Eddie the Eagle. For those who haven't heard of him, he was the guy who had a dream of competing in the winter Olympics for Britain. Downhill skiing was his speciality, mind you due to his extremely bad eyesight and his glasses steaming up all the time, he wasn't much good at it. Not good enough to qualify for the Olympics at any rate. So he switched to Ski-jumping, mostly because there weren't any other British ski-jumpers of note and hence he'd have no competition. Needless to say that when he did compete in the 1987 winter Olympics he came last, but he didn't break his neck!

Anyway, back to the dog. Note Mrs. "I-don't-want-a-dog" Susan!

One of Eddies functions was to keep the cat invasion at bay. It doesn't seem to be working...

He's rapidly making friends with everyone in the village, including our English pupil, Elisabetta.

But he poos for Italy! I've seen twice his own body weight in pooh coming out of him in the last 24 hours! Other than that he counts amongst his hobbies biting toes, eating stones, whingeing about pointless, boring walks if you can do your business just as well at home, falling down stairs and trying to sleep on the bed with us (luckily he's still to small to get up the bed.)

More news about the garden and the promised photos of the party are to follow.


Jan said...

Ah he's so cute! I remember Eddie the Eagle, but I have to say that your Eddie only looks a little bit like him!

Stefaneener said...

He is incredibly cute, and Susan looks blissful.

As I'm wandering around, I notice that every single dog in Italy so far is incredibly well-behaved. Either the bad ones are left at home or there is some training secret that needs to be exported.

Heiko said...

Jan, He's missing the steamed up glasses isn't he?

Stefani, well you should meet some of the dogs down our way. Not all well behaved.

Angela said...

Such a sweet family addition! The cats probably think he is also a cat as he is still so small. But better use his young days to train him a few things. From bad experience I know it is almost impossible after a year. (We got Paco who is really from Madrid at age one, from a dog´s asylum.) He still steals every bit of food that doesn`t run away.
Yes, i also remember Eddy-with-the-glasses!

WeekendFarmer said...

: )

Heiko said...

Angela, I've never trained a puppy before, unless you count me growing with one (picture me at 6 years old with a huge Alsation on a lead), but any adult dog that's spent time with me has learnt something new. Rufy, who stayed with us recently, turned from running the other way when a car approached to coming and standing patiently next to my foot when he as much as heard a car approaching. But Beagles a reputed to be intelligent and independent, and this one is already showing signs of that.

Mr. H. said...

He is adorable Heiko and I love the picture of him napping with the cats.

Guess what! You are famous in America...well sort of:) We have a lovely, but nameless, grape tomato that we have been growing around here for a few years now. It was added to our list of tomato plants that we sell this year.

We named it Heiko Grape this spring and have sold almost all of our plants to customers in two different states. We only grew two flats of Heiko (36 plants) but your name sake tomato now resides in peoples gardens in both Idaho and Washington state.

I will have to send you some of the seeds this fall.

Heiko said...

I am touched and honoured Mr. H. I've never had a tomato named after me, I'm going all tomato red myself! All your toamtoes are doing well, but neither tomatillos nor litchi tomatoes are showing. I still have seeds so must re-try next year. It was a touch late and then during this crazy cold May temperatures in my cold frame probably weren't high enough.

Guess what? Our blogger friend Stefanie is coming to visit us tomorrow!