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Saturday, 6 March 2010

...gone to the dogs

I just quickly wanted to introduce you to Rufie. He's been our helper on wild food forages over the last 2 weeks, while his owners were away in England.

His self esteem has been suffering a bit while he was with us, as the people in our village gave him the nick name "il cinghiale", the wildboar and was described as "simpatico, ma un po brutto", friendly, but a bit ugly. I must admit he wouldn't be my ideal dog, I'd prefer one with actual legs, so he can manage to go on one of our longer walks. This one gives up after about 10 km.

Anyway, today him and his to two cat friends are going back home, but on my final walk with him this morning I bumped into our neighbour Piero. You know the one with the donkeys, chickens and wild boar and 25 hunting dogs. He said one of his dogs is about to give birth to a litter of puppies at the end of the month and asked if I wanted one. Now I only have to twist Susan's arm. I'm not sure what kind of dog it is going to be yet, so will have to make sure it has legs first.


Mr. H. said...

Oh the poor little legless dog, he will miss his walks with you. So tell me, do you have to walk at half pace so he can keep up? It will be neat to see you with a new pup, I hope Susan gives it a thumbs up. What does one hunt in Italy with dogs?

Heiko said...

Yes, half pace is about right. Slower through the village with all it's interesting smells. At the moment Susan's stand is "me OR a dog". I'll have to work on a line like "but I'll be getting up early to take the dog out and when I come back I'll make breakfast for you."

They hunt wild boar with the dogs.

Jan said...

If those hunting dogs are anything like the ones here, they will be pointy-faced, long-legged, lean machines! We often have a couple roaming about here as somehow the hunters manage to lose them! Our dog doesn't think much of them and chases them off!

Ayak said...

Oh! How dare they say he's ugly! He's gorgeous!

Oh do get a dog...you won't regret it. I'm sure you can convince Susan it's a good idea.

Please help yourself to the Sunshine Award from my blog if you so wish...all is explained there.

Have a good weekend xx

Heiko said...

Hi Jan,
Our hunting dogs here are generally medium sized, floppy-eared, dopey things, which seem to get lost easily too. Their technique of driving wild boar out of the woods is mainly by wagging their tales violently and dinging the bells around their necks.

Ayak, thank you for the award. Much appreciated as usual, but I won't bother passing it on. There's a bit of an award overload after a while. Thanks all the same.

Beck Middleton said...

He is just adorable.
I have a fox terrier who loves going for countryside rambles searching out things to eat, he is like a baby to me, which is quite sad I suppose.
Beck x

Stefaneener said...

I don't know -- he's got a LOT of personality. Dogs are fun, but a lot of at-home work, too. Is Susan made sniffly by them? You know we're just waiting until after our big trip, then it's time for another dog here. We just don't know what sort to get, either.

Heiko said...

Thanks Beck and Stefani,
No she doesn't get sniffly, she just doesn't like the extra work and responsibility really. I think her stance has softened a bit though. Now it's "over my dead body"!

WeekendFarmer said...

get a sheep instead : ) They can go for nice walks. (?)

Angela said...

Oh take him, take him! Susan, you`ll see how much fun it is to have a dog once he sneaked into your heart! Heiko will do ALL the work and you can have all the joy!
I liked the short-legged`s face, too.

Heiko said...

WF, a sheep, now there's a thought. They also give milk and wool. Can they be house trained as our land is a bit far away from our house?

Angela, it's not the short-legged one above that's on offer, but a yet unborn puppy. I've also had a private e-mail telling me off for wanting a dog. They're just messy and rule your life. I guess we're going to have to weigh up the pros and cons. Like the idea of a sheep though. I once went on a long walk with a goat a dog and a chicken. The dog always made sure the chicken didn't get lost.

GetSoiled said...

Aaaaaaaaah! Heiko, I am gonna make you an offer you can't refuse:

A fair swap: I send you seeds you send me that dog!

I love ugly dogs! that photo is wonderful too!

Why am I speaking with exclamation signs all the time??!?!?!?!?!?

Heiko said...

Get Soiled, it is a long way from Florida to Italy, you gotta make sure I hear you!!! I keep saying, the above dog isn't mine to gift wrap and send to Florida!!!!! D'you hear me?!?!?!

GetSoiled said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? Vocalize your words for me Heiko!

hehe...I know the pup is not yours to send to me...but wouldn't you do it for seeds??? :)

Heiko said...

What you mean kidnapping the poor thing?

WeekendFarmer said...

all you need is a fence and a small shed for them at the land. they are such easy going animals. You can bring them to the house here and there : )

Beck Middleton said...

The seeds arrived today. My partner picked up the post and asked me why I had an envelope that smelt of anis, haha!
Many thanks

Heiko said...

You're welcome Beck, hope they'll set.