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Sunday, 1 June 2008

A bit of wildlife

The weather has been very mixed the last few days. A lot of rain since wedesday, up in Piemonte they had severe flooding. Yesterday, after some initial rain in the morning, it finally turned nice, and as usual after a lot of rain the weeds have taken on towering proportions. Spent all day with the strimmer fighting them back and afterwards me and Frank Motozappa dug over an ex-pea bed. Susan in the meantime was tieying up the tomatoes and weeding around them as well as around the sweetcorn. Finally she picked a huge bucket full of cherries and strawberries. Then late last night after a long hard day working I was trying to turn some of the cherries into jam, but of course we ran out of gas half way through and we had forgotten to buy a spare gas cylinder. And that on a long weekend, tomorrow is Day of the Republic. So I've got some half-cooked jam on the cooker and hope that it will set when I re-start it again on Tuesday... Apart from jam I've put cherries in grappa, I tried drying some, made cake, ate some, ate some more and then finally we ate some... Anybody got any other ideas what to do with them? Oh of course we also bartered some for lemons.

Today we went on a long walk through a bit of drizzle on and off. We spotted quite a bit of wildlife, such as the wee mouse and that little snake above.

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